Welcome to, your number one resource for all things Gardening. My name is Anubha Gupta, and I am the persona behind this website. I believe that my passion for Gardening led me to create this website, and I want this to be the go-to resource for anyone starting out on their Gardening Journey.

I am dedicated to giving you the very best of Beginner’s Gardening Advice, Backyard and Patio Ideas, and Equipment Buying Guides with a particular focus on Organic and Sustainable Ecological Practices. Most of the content would be based on my first-hand experiences with Gardening.


It all started with the idea of transforming my almost dead and barren backyard into a place that would be loved not only by the pets but also by my husband. He is a computer geek and tends to spend most of his time sitting in front of his laptop, feasting on high-calorie snacks.

Now that ‘Work from Home’ is the new reality in the post-pandemic world, I just wanted him to spend a reasonable amount of time somewhat close to nature. That is why I transformed my seemingly dead and barren backyard into a thriving modern-day garden where my husband spends at least half of his spare time.

Whether it is growing organic vegetables or colorful flowers or making our dogs run after Frisbee, we both just cant stay away from our new paradise, our beautiful backyard garden.

Through this website, I sincerely hope that I would be able to make you replicate some of my success as a gardener.


Anubha Gupta