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Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes?

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes? (The Truth)

Yes, bearded dragons can absolutely eat grapes, but you will need to take a few precautions first before supplementing your pet’s diet with the fruit. More than just being able to eat the small and succulent fruit, your bearded dragon may well love grapes as a treat. 

These reptiles are known for really loving sweet fruits (I mean, don’t we all?), and will normally react positively to it when introduced to its diet. 

There are some fruits and vegetables that are toxic to bearded dragons, and it would be a good idea to be acquainted with them, but grapes do not, thankfully, make that list. 

In this article we will break down how best to feed your dragon grapes, and how to not feed them grapes. We hope to fully answer the question “can bearded dragons eat grapes?”

This will involve looking into the normal diet of these beardies, and where sweet fruits like grapes fit into it. Further to that, we will examine how you should prepare grapes before feeding them to your pet. Alongside that, we will investigate the contexts under which bearded dragons cannot eat grapes, and when they can even be dangerous for the cheery little lizard breed. 

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How Often Should They Eat Grapes?

With any sugary sweet fruits like grapes, kiwi, or peaches, you need to ensure that your dragon is only eating them as a treat, and not as a staple element of their diets. 

Vegetables like celery or broccoli can be added as an incredibly healthy supplement to the bearded dragon diet, but the high sugar content in sweet fruits mean that they should only be given sparingly. 

Despite being delicious, grapes are mainly water and sugar. While not bad for humans, in super large quantities these can upset the very carefully balanced of a lizard like a bearded dragon. Furthermore, due to the structure of their metabolisms, this excess sugar can often be converted quickly to fat. 

If you do not want your beardie to gain an incredible amount of weight in a short period of time, make sure you are not overfeeding them fruit like grapes.

When adding grapes as a supplement or treat to your bearded dragon’s diet, perhaps make it a treat you give them once a week, rather than multiple times a day.

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Can Grapes Be Bad for Your Bearded Dragon?

As detailed in the paragraph above, grapes can be bad for your beardie if fed to them in particularly high quantities. You also need to check the grapes you are feeding your bearded dragon for seeds inside, as these can be toxic and a choking hazard for your bearded dragon.

It is also strongly recommended to remove the skin from any fruits, including grapes, that you feed your dragon. The texture of these can often be hard for lizards like bearded dragons to swallow and digest and can often be an even further choking hazard. 

Make sure you peel and de-seed any grapes you feed your bearded dragon. 

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