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Can Hamsters Eat Apples?

Can Hamsters Eat Apples? (The Truth)

Can hamsters eat apples? Yes, some breeds of hamsters can eat apples, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you start cutting up slices of apple for your little hamster. Every hamster is different and it is important to cater to each breed of hamster.

hamster-with-appleThis article will go over the types of hamsters that can eat apples and the different benefits and negative effects that can happen when feeding a hamster apples. Every breed of hamster is different and this article will break down which breeds of hamster can eat apples and which hamster breeds cannot.

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Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Apple?

Yes, Syrian hamsters can eat apples! However, do not feed them too many as that can make them feel bloated or sick.

Can Dwarf Hamsters Eat Apples?

dwarf-hamsterNo, Dwarf hamsters (Campbell Dwarf Hamsters, Winter White Dwarf Hamsters, and Chinese Dwarf Hamsters) should not eat apples.

Dwarf hamsters are very susceptible to diabetes (type 1 and type 2,) so you should avoid giving them any sugary treats, and apple is a fruit with a considerable amount of sugar.

Can Roborovski Hamsters Eat Apples?

Roborovski-hamsterUnlike dwarf hamsters, Roborovski hamsters are not as prone to diabetes as other dwarf hamsters are, but they can develop diabetes with an unhealthy diet. Robos can also have easily upset digestive systems, so any fruit that is too sugary can cause problems for them.

Watch Out for the Apple Seeds!

Although apples are among the foods that are safe for hamsters to eat, the seeds are not. In fact, apple seeds are dangerous to larger pets too.

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apple-seedsApple seeds contain amygdalin, and when chewed or passed through the digestive system, amygdalin releases cyanide into the blood. For humans, this amount of cyanide is not a big deal (although it is better for us not to eat apple seeds), but for pets (that are much smaller,) the amount of cyanide released can be dangerous.

So, if you plan on giving your hamster some apple, take the seeds out first!

Do Not Leave Apples in Your Hamsters Home!

When you do give your hammy apple, make sure that they eat it! This means that you should not leave apples in their cage after they finish eating.

applesIf you leave fruit in your hamster’s cage, they may hide it away, and that is a big problem when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables. When left, fresh produce will begin to rot and grow mold, and if your hamster eats rotten food, they can get very sick.

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Avoid rotting or moldy food in your hamster’s cage by taking out any leftover produce the same day that you put it in.

Too Much Apple Can Cause an Upset Digestive System

You never want to overfeed your hamster anything but overfeeding something like apple can really upset your hamster’s digestive system.

hamster-eating-appleTo prevent diarrhea, when you do give your hamster apple limit servings to a mouthful or two, and do not give apple as a treat more than once or twice a week.

Can Hamsters Eat The Apple Peel?

Yes! Apple peel is actually a rich source of fiber and vitamins, so it’s great for your hamster to eat. Just be sure that you thoroughly wash apples before giving any to your hamster because they may have traces of pesticides or other chemicals on the peel.

Are There Any Health Benefits to Giving Your Hamster The Apple Peel?

apple-on-treeApple skin is high in fiber, high in vitamin C, and low in calories which are all beneficial for your hammy!

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Just keep in mind that too much apple will cause serious problems for your hamster, so feed it sparingly.

Can Hamsters Eat Apples?

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