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Can Hamsters Eat Bananas?

Can Hamsters Eat Bananas? (The Facts)

Your chubby-cheeked little furry friend loves fruits. He’s fragile, though, and so it’s only natural to be careful about everything that you allow him to have.

So, can hamsters eat bananas?

hamster-eating-crumsYes, hamsters can eat bananas. They’re quite the healthy treat! Bananas have some excellent vitamin content that can really help to supercharge your hamster for some quality ‘wheel time’. They’ve got vitamins B and C and not only that, but they are packed with fiber. Their vitamin signature is actually quite good for hamsters and bananas provide a nutritional boost that is rather hard to achieve with other foods.

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What bananas bring to the table

bananasHere are a few of the other nutrients that come conveniently packed inside those delicious bananas:

That said, you will still want to moderate the amounts which you allow your hamster to consume. Let’s discuss why that is the case.

Bananas are fine… just watch the portions

banana-peeledWhile bananas are delicious and healthy, the phrase ‘too much of a good thing’ is definitely appropriate here. You want to limit banana servings to once or twice a week and with a serving size of just ¼ of a teaspoon.

 This is because bananas are very high in fructose content and while your little guinea LOVES them all that extra sugar can put them at a higher risk for diabetes. Keep the serving size down, however, and bananas can be a regular, twice-a-week treat that your hamster will truly appreciate.

Can Hamsters Eat Bananas? Why, they can even eat the peels!

hamster-lookingBanana peels are a favorite of many hamsters and they have the advantage of containing a good amount of fiber and much less sugar. This means that you can share a banana with your hamster by placing a sliver of banana on a small, cut-out peel plate.

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Keep servings small, of course, so that you are not overdoing the sugar, and banana peels are a healthy and welcome addition to your hamsters diet.

Go organic and clean those bananas thoroughly

To minimize the chance of toxic pesticides making you’re your fuzzy friend ill, you will want to make sure that you wash those bananas thoroughly. Go with organic bananas whenever you can and just make sure that you spend a good amount of time cleaning them up before you serve either banana, peel, or both.

Pesticides can really hurt or even kill your hamster, so never skip this step when you are serving fruits of any kind. Just because we don’t notice does not mean that your delicate hamster won’t, so wash any fruits or veggies thoroughly to protect your fuzzy friend.

Some final advice

hamster-eating-cucumberAs you can see, bananas are a great addition to any hamsters diet, just be sure to moderate their servings and to keep things clean. Remove any uneaten portions out of the cage after a couple of hours and spot-clean the area to avoid any risks of mold.

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Finally, be sure to sit close and watch that first feeding, because when they stuff their cheeks with bananas it is absolutely adorable! Until next time, we wish you and your hamster the best!

Can Hamsters Eat Bananas?

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