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Can Hamsters Eat Bread?

So you bought a hamster and you are wondering what to feed it. You want to know, can hamsters eat bread?

Besides the pellets and other foods you can buy at your local pet shop, there are many foods you can find around the house that make fine fare for your furry little friend.


Do Hamsters Eat Bread?

Yes. Hamsters can eat bread and they do like to snack on it. However, you need to avoid bread that contain added sugar and sodium as they can be harmful to your little pet.

Hamsters And Bread

Vets and other hamster experts do not warn against feeding your adorable pet hamster bread. It is safe for them to eat, however, certain types of bread should be avoided.

Best Bread

The best bread for your little guy is one that is multigrain, or contains a lot of whole seeds, which you should buy anyways because it is healthier for people as well. 

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These seeds contain lots of healthy oils that will keep your rodent’s coat soft and glossy and proteins that are good for it’s muscles and other internal body functions. Whether you are a human or a hamster, seeds are one of the healthiest things you can eat.

All the nutrients that a little plant will need to start growing are packed into that one tiny morsel. It’s very powerful. 

Breads To Avoid

Bad breads for your hamster would be any that contain salt or sugar, as these are not part of a hamsters natural diet in high concentrations.

Also regular white bread does not provide much nutritional value for the cuddly little rodent. 

Some hamster owners will experiment with different food until they find one that is healthy and tasty for their little pets.

Leave a morsel of bread (or whatever food you want them to try) and leave it in the cage for a few hours.

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If the hamster eats it, wait a day or two before feeding it more new foods and see how it reacts. 

If they don’t react to the food within 48 hours, it’s fine for them to eat.  

Hamster Diets

hamster-searching-foodIn the wild hamsters are omnivores, meaning they like a little bit of everything. They will eat fruits and nuts and even enjoy chomping down on insects.

This is their main source of protein in their natural environment.

When taking care of a pet, vets and other animal nutrition specialists recommend keeping their diet as close as possible to what they would eat in nature. 

So when you go to the pet store and pick up hamster pellets, you’ll be buying food that, though it’s not exactly as it would be found in nature, is designed by experts to include all the nutrients your pet needs.

It includes all the proteins, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals that will keep your pet healthy. 

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So in conclusion, the answer to the question “Can hamsters eat bread?” is a resounding yesterday!

This means that whichever bread you end up feeding your pet hamster, it should remain a snack, and not the main part of its diet.

Like with humans, it’s important that your pet enjoy the food it eats, though it’s even more important that the food supports a healthy lifestyle. 

Can Hamsters Eat Bread?

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