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Can Rabbits Eat Cucumbers?

Have you wanted to give your rabbit a cucumber, paused, and said to yourself, “Can rabbits eat cucumber?” The answer is yes, it’s okay for rabbits to have them.

They like them, and they are suitable for hydration. However, watch how much you give them.

Mostly, rabbits should eat their daily diet of hay, some vegetables, and a limited amount of pellets. Introduce the cucumber slowly— a few small pieces at a time whenever you feed them.

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumbers? What Are the Benefits?

rabbit-eating-foodCucumber is 95% water and will help hydrate your rabbit if they are dry. This is helpful when it’s sweltering.

It’s also a good thing if you’ve been having a problem getting your rabbit to drink water.

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When can rabbits eat cucumbers? Once they’re thoroughly washed with cold water to get rid of all the pesticides.

If you can buy organic ones from your local market, even better. You still need to make sure they are clean, though.

Cucumbers are:

  • A tasty treat
  • Low in calories
  • Full of water

How much cucumber should I give my rabbit?

cucumbersOnly give your rabbit a little cucumber at a time. If you give him too much, he may fill up on a cucumber that’s mostly water and not eat the more important nutritious and fiber-rich food.

Cucumber is pretty low in nutritional value.

Is cucumber good for my rabbit?

While cucumber is low in nutrition for rabbits, the skin is the most nutritious part, so don’t peel it off. It’s full of fiber.

The veggie is low in calories, so if they tend to be obese, can rabbits eat cucumber as a treat? You bet! They love cucumber leaves too.

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When To Avoid?

rabbit-infectedI’ve said not to give your rabbits too much cucumber. There’s another reason for this. Rabbits’ digestive systems can be easily overwhelmed, and they can get diarrhea. This is a severe problem.

Rabbits eat their cecotropes. However, if they become watery from diarrhea, they can’t eat them. Cecotropes are a rich source of specific vitamins and proteins.

If this goes on, they will become malnourished and unhealthy. So, a few small pieces of cucumber are fine.

Ensure your rabbit is eating his regular diet (he should always have hay) and getting plenty of water, whether you offer it to him through a tube sipper or a bowl.

The tube shouldn’t be clogged, and keep the bowl clean of feces.

He should have something to chew on, as his teeth are constantly growing. Make sure chew toys are always available.

Hard wooden blocks, sticks, and cardboard are favorites of rabbits everywhere and are the best toys you can provide.

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Give me some cucumber!

cucumber-in-jarAnd share that cucumber you’re putting in your salad! Your rabbit would love a few small pieces, too.

Remember, he likes fresh cucumber for a snack when it’s hot and dry, and he’ll thank you for it!

Final Thoughts

Cucumbers can make a delicious snack for your rabbit, even if they are not the most nutritious vegetable in the world. Cucumbers are very hydrating and can help cool your rabbit down when they are feeling hot or dry.

However, feed your rabbits cucumber sparingly, so you do not spoil their natural diet of pallets and cecotropes!

Can Rabbits Eat Cucumbers?

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