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Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries And In What Amounts?

Rabbits enjoy a diverse diet of various fruits, vegetables, leaves, and other plant parts. In the winter, wild rabbits will even eat roots and tree bark.

However, you may be wondering if strawberries are an option for domesticated rabbits. Can rabbits eat strawberries?
Yes, rabbits can eat strawberries. This sweet fruit provides them with beneficial nutrients such as vitamin C and is also quite rich in dietary fiber (unlike other sugary fruits).

However, too many strawberries in a short period can cause digestive issues or weight problems. Strawberries should be given only occasionally as a treat. 

Do Rabbits Like Strawberries? 

strawberriesRabbits seem to love strawberries, as they are quite sugary and sweet to a rabbit’s palate. They also enjoy the fruit in the wild because it tends to hang low to the ground, which makes it easy for rabbits to snag it off.

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Rabbits even like the stem and the leaves of a strawberry plant. The majority of the plant makes for a convenient and delicious food source for them and sometimes a means of curing diarrhea. 


Aside from strawberries, rabbits should not be fed fruits every single day. They can become addicted, which will cause them to refuse other food sources like hay.

Strawberries should also be slowly introduced into a rabbit’s diet so you can observe them for signs of stomach issues or allergies.


strawberry-basketRabbits should be given no more than two tablespoons of sliced strawberry at any time or about one medium-sized strawberry.  Too much of this sugary fruit can cause stomach problems and constipation.

Other Considerations

A variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as treats, are recommended to supplement a rabbit’s primary diet.

Mixing up various fruits and veggies keeps them from becoming addicted and allows them to get a balanced amount of nutrients and vitamins. It also prevents excess sugar buildup, which can lead to problems such as obesity and lethargy.

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rabbit-eating-foodRabbits can eat strawberries, and they seem to love them. Small amounts of the fruit and its plant parts can even help with issues like diarrhea. 

However, it is important to exercise moderation. Overfeeding strawberries can cause stomach problems and weight issues.

The most significant risk is of them becoming addicted to the sweet fruit— leading to them refusing to eat their main food, hay, and green leafy vegetables.

Lastly, avoid serving canned or processed strawberries, as these could contain chemicals or preservatives that can cause gastrointestinal issues in rabbits.

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries And In What Amounts?

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