There are several interesting facts about cucumbers, including the mystery of whether they are a vegetable or a fruit. There’s also a flying myth that coffee grounds are good for cucumbers.

In this article, we will explore all the different aspects of this myth and determine if coffee grounds benefit cucumbers.

Do Cucumbers Like Coffee Grounds?

coffee-groundsYes, coffee grounds are good for cucumbers. They have several nutrients which can be beneficial for your plants.

They also provide other added benefits, such as the ability to improve soil texture and suppress weeds. Let us study more about these benefits below.

1. High On Nutrients

coffee-powderCoffee grounds are rich in nutrients such as magnesium, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. These nutrients are beneficial to cucumbers and ensure they thrive.

However, you should use coffee grounds in moderation because excess fertilization can cause tender cucumber plants to burn.

Excess fertilization can also cause the plants to produce smaller fruits and thick foliage.

2. Enhance Soil Texture

soil-texrureFor cucumber plants to thrive, they need loose, well-draining soil rich in nutrients. Coffee grounds improve the soil texture by making it aerated and loose.

They also add organic matter to the soil, making it ideal for growing nutrient-heavy plants and vegetables.

3. Support Weed Suppression 

weeds-in-plantOne of the surprising benefits of coffee grounds is their ability to suppress weeds. Cucumber plant owners know how delicate they can be to weeds. Weeds harm cucumbers by stunting their growth.

Coffee grounds, when used as mulch, are pretty good at suppressing weeds.

4. Increase Soil Acidity

soil-acidityCucumbers thrive in soils with a moderately high pH level. They typically require a pH between 6.0 and 6.5.

Coffee grounds are slightly acidic in nature and can improve the soil’s acidity to the required levels.

How To Use Coffee Grounds For Cucumbers?

coffee-beansThere are several ways to use coffee grounds for cucumbers:

1. Use Them With Compost

One of the ways you can use ground coffee is by adding it to your compost pit. It provides an extra boost of organic matter and nutrients which can significantly benefit your cucumbers.

Simply throw the grounds in your compost pit, keeping them moist.

2. Use Them As Mulch

Apart from their ability to suppress weeds, coffee grounds can protect your plant from pests and stop the soil from drying out by conserving moisture.

Simply spread the grounds on the soil around the plant’s trunk and water thoroughly.

3. Use Them As A Fertilizer

Coffee grounds can be used as a fertilizer as they are rich in nitrogen and other vital nutrients. Nitrogen is a fundamental building block for plants and helps produce chlorophyll and essential amino acids.

4. Add Them To Your Watering Can

Boil some grounds in a pot full of water for a few minutes. When cold, transfer the solution to a spray bottle and sparingly water the plants. We advise that you do this twice a month because coffee grounds can act as a potent fertilizer.

In A Nutshell

Dried coffee grounds are pretty good as a fertilizer and can be added to the soil in multiple ways. Even though they have high nitrogen levels, they release it slowly into the soil, providing your cucumbers and other garden vegetables with a sustained and controlled supply.

Coffee grounds also break down easily in the soil, leaving no harmful residue behind.

However, gardeners should remember that it is not ideal to use fresh coffee grounds as they can cause mold growth owing to the moisture they carry. Ensure you dry them before you add them to the soil.

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