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Do Guinea Pigs Blink?

 Do Guinea Pigs Blink? (The Facts)

If you are a new guinea pig owner, you may have noticed that your cute little guinea pig rarely seems to blink. You may have asked yourself; Do guinea pigs blink?

guinea-pig-blinkYes, guinea pigs blink. Although they blink significantly less than humans, they are in fact capable of blinking their eyes and blink so little because of their natural survival instincts. How often a cavy blinks will vary from one guinea pig to the next depending on their environment and their overall health.

When do guinea pigs blink?

For Guinea pigs, blinking occurs out of necessity and not a habit. Contrary to popular belief Guinea pigs do in fact have eyelids and are capable of closing their eyes. Because of how little they blink, how fast it occurs, and the fact that they sleep with their eyes open has many cavy owners left wondering if and when their furry friends blink.

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guinea-pig-cleanGuinea pigs will blink only when necessary. This means that they will blink if something like dust or bedding gets in their eyes. They will also blink if they need to keep their eyes from drying out.

Why do guinea pigs blink so little?

In the wild guinea pigs need to remain alert as a result of their being at the bottom of the food chain. They actually have poor vision which is why as brief as blinking is, the compromise in their vision presents a real danger of falling prey in the wild.

guinea-pig-in-cageAs a result, guinea pigs are able to regulate how often they blink so that it will be less compromising to their safety when they do so.

How often do guinea pigs blink?

There are several factors that can cause a guinea pig to blink. As blinking is a behavior done out of necessity, how often they blink will vary from one guinea pig to another.

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Environment Factors

The environment your cavy lives in plays a major role in how often they blink. For example, they are more likely to blink in dry environments to keep their eyes moist. The same is true of dusty environments or if their habitat has bedding that is easily able to get in their eyes.

Sometimes they may even blink due to scented products that are being used inside the house. Scented products like candles, sprays, incense, and oil diffusers can at times irritate your guinea pig’s eyes.

guinea-pigs-eyesPhysical Health

Because guinea pigs do not blink often, an increase in blinking can be a sign of an eye injury. If your cavy has an eye injury you will also notice redness in the eye, discharge, and even swelling. If this happens to be the case, then it is advised that you seek veterinary assistance.

Comfort Level

This one has a lot to do with the environment that you set up for them and the impact it has on their sense of safety. If you happen to provide your guinea pig with a safe and comfortable habitat you may notice them blink more or even close their eyes when they sleep, which is a testament to how well you care for your guinea pig.

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So, although it is uncommon, a guinea pig blinking is also not something to get overly concerned about. 

Do Guinea Pigs Blink?

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