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Do Guinea Pigs Fart?

Do Guinea Pigs Fart? (The Truth)

Sometimes we are struck by the most random questions about our pets and we just can’t help but feel super curious about certain facts. For instance, do guinea pigs fart? Now, this is a question that has come to the minds of many people. After all, all humans fart and most animals do too.

guinea-pig-in-cornerSo, what about guinea pigs and their farting habits? Let’s find out:

Do Guinea Pigs Fart?

Farting is an essential process of any normally functioning digestive system, be it humans or animals. So, do guinea pigs fart?

Yes, guinea pigs fart. That adorable fluffy little creature with its big beady eyes definitely farts. And there is absolutely nothing to be worried about. However, excessive farting is not normal and should be paid attention to, especially when it comes to guinea pigs. As guinea pigs have small bodies and very delicate digestive systems, an issue that may seem ignorable to humans can indicate a severe health issue for these animals.

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guinea-pig-bloatedIf excessive farting is accompanied by a bloated body, then you need to take your pet guinea pig to a veterinarian immediately.

Why does farting happen? Basically, it results when we swallow air or some food is not broken down completely. It is simply natural to let out that buildup of gas in our bodies.

Is a guinea pigs’ fart smelly?

A Fart contains waste from digestion and traces of sulfur, so naturally, it tends to smell. Generally, a foul, egg-like smell is completely normal in farts.

guinea-pig-fartWhen your pet guinea pig farts, it does contain a similar off-putting smell. However, you or others are likely to not notice this or be able to smell it unless you really try. This is because they have such tiny bodies that the smell probably dissipates into the air before it could even spread. And that’s actually pretty neat!

A reason for concern is when the guinea pigs’ farts start to increase excessively and they’re accompanied by a very stinky, prominent smell. This can likely be an indication of something being wrong with your pets’ health. Your best course of action would be to consult a vet.

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Sometimes, the dietary intake can also impact the amount of gas buildup in your pet and the consequential farting. You should always focus on providing a well-balanced diet to your pet guinea-pig. Also, make sure not to over-feed it. Carefully measure the amount of food you are giving every week and the contents of each food. A too high amount of fiber and the type of it can also play a part in more gas buildup.

guinea-pigs-in-greenSo, do guinea pigs fart? Yes, a healthy guinea pig ‘should’ fart. However, you should always look out for your pet and any signs of discomfort. Bloating can also be very fatal to guinea pigs so always watch out for any signs of it.

You should also carefully observe and monitor their body patterns. Anything that is noticeable and in excess, should be taken into account and communicated with your pets’ veterinarian.

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