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Do Guinea Pigs Like To Cuddle?

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Cuddle? (The Truth)

Guinea pigs are so small, fluffy, adorable, and just so huggable, right? If you have a pet guinea pig, there must have been so many times you wanted to pick it up and cuddle it. But, before you go ahead and shower your pet with affection, you must know if the animal likes it. Every animal has its own likes, dislikes, and general traits. So when it comes to these fluffy friends, do guinea pigs like to cuddle or not? Let’s find out:

Do Guinea Pigs Like To Cuddle With People?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, but in general, guinea pigs do like to cuddle. In fact, some of these little furballs absolutely love it. However, you have to remember that each guinea pig has a different temperament, much like us humans do. So, it is either going to love it or flee in the opposite direction.

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The second factor to remember is that guinea pigs have a natural instinct to run. They are prey animals in the wild, which means they have learned how to protect themselves and scurry away.

When you approach a guinea pig for a cuddling session, it might just get scared or uncomfortable. 

But don’t lose hope if your guinea pig initially seems to run away instead of cuddling up to you. Like any other animal, they take some time to bond with their owner.

Once they are well-acquainted with you and learn that you are not a threat- they will love getting all close and comfy next to you and you’ll share a true bonding experience with your cutie.

Tips for cuddling with guinea pigs

There are a few things that can help you make the cuddling process smoother and easing it for your pet. You need to get to know each other. Your guinea pig needs to understand that you are a friend, not the enemy.

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So, be around it as much as you can. Just do casual activities or chores while staying in your pet’s view. The more they can watch you, the better they will get to know you.

Another useful tip is to talk to them in a soothing and low voice so they don’t get scared. Offer it food and let it come to you itself. Over time, your pet guinea pig will get more and more comfortable with you. 

The important aspect to remember is to never force your pet guinea pig to cuddle with you. And never try to hold it until it seems completely relaxed. If you suddenly take it by surprise and grasp it, it is not only going to get scared or traumatized, but you might have to forget any chances of possible cuddling. These little creatures are very easily scared.

Final Thoughts

Most guinea pigs are quite skittish initially but with some time, patience, and loving practices from their owners, they mostly start loving a cuddle session. So, “Do guinea pigs like to cuddle?”- yes, but you must remember the right way to go about it.

Not all guinea pigs are the same. Some love to be held and cuddle and others might not like it as much. It is important to get to know your guinea pig’s needs, wants and desires and to accommodate accordingly.

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