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Do Guinea Pigs Smell?

Do Guinea Pigs Smell? (The Facts)

Guinea pigs are seemingly the perfect pet- with their rounded body shape, adorable eyes, and cute sounds, many people want to own a few for themselves. However, there’s a concern that a lot of interested pet owners have- do guinea pigs smell?

guinea-pig-smellYes, guinea pigs do have a smell. If you don’t take proper care of them or their cage, that smell can be overwhelming. However, if you’re willing to put in the work to take good care of your furry friends, the smell can be virtually negligible. 

If you’re interested in finding out more about the question “do guinea pigs smell” and methods you can use to mitigate the smell of your guinea pigs, please read on.

What Do Guinea Pigs Smell Like?

Guinea pigs live in cages or enclosures in human households, and a huge part of the scent they give off is actually the scent of their lived-in cage, not the guinea pigs themselves. 

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guinea-pig-eating-hayBedding that has a lot of urine or poop on it has more potential to give off an unpleasant scent. Guinea pigs also eat a lot of hay, and sometimes the hay can smell (although this smell is not unpleasant at all.)

You could think of the way a guinea pig cage often smells as being kind of similar to the smell of a petting zoo. 

That said, the smell is only really a problem if you aren’t cleaning their cage or enclosure properly. There are also additional steps you can take to prevent your guinea pigs’ cage from smelling too bad- let’s take a look at some of the most common and easy ways you can mitigate the smell of your guinea pigs

How to Lessen the Smell of Your Guinea Pigs’ Cage

First, you can lessen the smelliness of your guinea pigs and their cage by making sure to clean your guinea pigs’ cage often. You’ll want to clean it every three or four days to keep the smell from becoming overwhelming (and to keep your pigs happy!)

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guinea-pig-cageSecond, you can also change the type of bedding your guinea pig has. Many owners use shredded paper bedding from the pet store, but this type of bedding retains bad scents more than the alternative- towels, and fleece. 

In order to set up this type of bedding, you’ll want to put one or two towels down in their cage (or a guinea pig pad). You’ll then want to place a fleece on top of the towels/pad. Moisture passes through the fleece and is absorbed by the towel, keeping the top layer dry.

You’ll need to scoop poop out of their cage a few times a day if you go this route, but it’s still far less smelly. 

When you’re ready to clean the cage every three or four days, all you have to do is take out the towels and fleece and throw it in the washing machine. It’s as simple as that- and is far more sustainable than replacing paper bedding each time. 

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guinea-pig-pineappleNow you know the answer to “do guinea pigs smell”! It’s not so much that guinea pigs themselves smell, but dirty cages can emit an unpleasant odor. Mitigate this by cleaning their cage every 3-4 days and using washable fleece bedding instead of paper bedding. Good luck!

Do Guinea Pigs Smell?

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