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Do Hamsters Like To Be Held?

Do hamsters like to be held? (The Truth)

Even though hamsters will usually spend its day in a cage, there are some instances in which hamsters will need to be moved from their cage. For example, if you need to deep clean the cage or place them in a smaller, more mobile cage for visits to the vet. Given the occasional necessity for handling hamsters, many people wonder: do hamsters like to be held?

No, hamsters do not like to be held. Being held goes against their nature and can cause them significant anxiety. Because hamsters are such small creatures, they have very fragile internal organ systems that can be upset from even slight stressors. In order to ensure the longevity of your precious pet, it’s best to reduce stress however possible.

Secondly, hamsters are very prone to biting, so holding a hamster can be very painful for you. They will bite you if your hands smell like food, if you startle them, or if they are simply feeling agitated. In fact, unless you have a particularly docile hamster, chances are that holding them will almost guarantee you getting nibbled on.

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What is the best way to handle your hamster?

As mentioned previously, even though hamsters do not like to be held, sometimes it is necessary. In order to avoid getting bit by your pet hamster or startling it into a panic, there are some methods that you can utilize in order to ensure you are handling your hamster properly.

For starters, you need to make sure that you handle the hamster with a gentle touch. Furthermore, you should use slow and predictable motions. In short, do not reach into your hamster’s cage suddenly and grab them roughly. This will only cause them to want to bite you. It will also cause them emotional distress and create a health risk.

If your pet hamster truly detests being held but you absolutely need to move it from the cage, there are ways that you can handle it without risking getting bit or harming your hamster.

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For example, you can place a couple of seeds (such as sunflower seeds) inside of a cup or small container to coax the hamster inside. Then, transport the hamster via the container slowly and carefully.

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