Here you will find general gardening advice related to the cultivation of plants, identification of diseases, and compatible planting.

  • Plants That Repel Lizards: Best Reptile Repellent Plants
    Lizards are an essential part of the ecosystem, keeping insect populations at bay. They also prove effective natural predators in controlling numerous harmful pests and are constant companions of gardeners. However, some of us are not accustomed to living with the creatures around us. The sight of them running and crawling around might completely spook … Read more
  • What Animals Eat Pepper Plants: Top 10 Animals
    Growing peppers in your garden can be extremely rewarding, but only if you protect them from animals that eat them too. These animals are a menace and can be discouraging to any pepper gardener looking forward to a healthy pepper produce.  You may have been a victim of their wrath already or could become one. … Read more
  • Rosalea Plant: How To Care And Grow
    Have you heard of the Rosalea plant? It’s also referred to as the potted Azalea. The Yoder Brothers Inc, a  horticultural company, developed the plant and marketed it as an indoor Azalea plant variant. Most gardeners have been fascinated by its beauty courtesy of its brilliant, multicolored appearance. Their colors range from white to peach, … Read more
  • Ginseng Companion Plants: 16 Plants To Grow Alongside Ginseng
    Ginseng or American Ginseng is a perennial plant native to North America. It’s found in the Ivy family and is commonly used in traditional medicine as a herb. Apart from its native home, Ginseng is also cultivated in China and has previously been exported to Asia, where it’s used as a coolant and for sedative … Read more
  • What Animals Eat Cactus: 16 Animals That Love Cacti
    Did you know some animals eat cactus? It sounds surprising knowing that cacti are generally spikey.  They are also quite unusual because they morph into huge plants with little water. Besides, the cactus is both a fruit and a vegetable. The pad forms the vegetable part while the fruit stands out separately. The spikey nature … Read more
  • What Not To Plant With Peppers: Worst Companion Plants
    Compatible planting is an excellent technique to not only protect and nourish your main crop but also to utilize your garden space to the fullest. Pepper plants are no exception. There are some excellent compatible plants that you could choose while growing peppers. However, some plants could prove detrimental to your pepper yield. You could refer … Read more
  • How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling
    Drilling holes in your ceiling to hang your plants is workable but not ideal if you are renting or don’t want to mess up your ceiling. You could damage your water distribution system, drainage pipes, or electric wires in the process. Also, punched holes in the ceiling are an eyesore once you remove the plants. … Read more
  • Coconut Tree vs. Palm Tree – How To Identify The Difference
    The striking resemblance between a coconut tree and a palm tree can be quite baffling. You are likely to spot the trees in beach areas where they love to find habitation. Both the trees grow to towering heights with some exceptions. However, is it possible that the last time you saw a palm tree, it … Read more
  • Can You Use Gasoline To Eliminate Weeds?
    If you have been a gardener for a while now, you know that the everyday problem gardeners grapple with is unwanted plants growing in their yards. These are weeds, to be precise. By now, you must have tried myriad ways of getting rid of them to maintain your farm hygiene. One of the weed elimination … Read more
  • How To Stop Weeds From Growing In Mulch
    The problem of weeds in your garden isn’t something off the wall. Gardeners have been experiencing weed challenges since the old days, and your case is no exception. One of the conventional ways of eliminating weeds in your garden is by mulching. In fact, mulching works quite well in keeping away these unwelcome guests from … Read more
  • Overwatered Peace Lily Symptoms And How To Revive
    The peace lily is an excellent houseplant and a darling to most gardeners. Having them in your house radiates freshness and relaxation. The peace lilies are also low maintenance requiring less attention. However, the trouble starts brewing when their water requirements are messed up with. You won’t know what is happening to your beautiful peace … Read more
  • 13 Herbs With Purple Flowers
    Who doesn’t want to have herbs in their garden? Not only do they add zing to kitchen recipes, but they also serve as excellent home remedies for mild ailments. Besides, the sight and scent of herbs in your yard are also stress-relieving, making you relax after a busy day. Especially, your gardening experience is more … Read more
  • Best Companion Plants For Spinach
    If you have a vegetable garden, you know that spinach is an easy-to-grow vegetable to have around. It’s compatible with most garden vegetables and requires no special care. In addition, companion planting is healthy for your spinach, allowing a fast growth rate and pest control. So, do you want to know more about the best … Read more
  • Does Potting Soil Go Bad And How To Store
    Potting soil is an indispensable part of a gardener’s toolkit. Fresh potting soil provides plants with all the essential nutrients and facilitates the passage of water and oxygen through the roots. In all essence, it is as important to a gardener as is a hammer to a blacksmith. Commercially, potting soil is usually sold in large … Read more
  • What Does Eggplant Taste Like: How To Buy And Cook?
    How much do you know about Eggplants? We want to shake up your knowledge of the little-known plants a bit and tell you how they taste. You may think the plant is reserved for vegans and healthy foods with the tag – “tasteless.” However, this is a misconception in most cases, and you will soon … Read more
  • How To Stop Neighbor’s Weeds Coming Through Fence
    Are you dumbfounded by your neighbor’s weeds that are trying to slip under your side of the fence? Most gardeners find themselves in such mess with their neighbors and don’t know how to deal with the problem. Playing dumb and allowing the weeds to sneak in will starve and wipe out your own valuable plants. … Read more
  • Can You Use Kerosene To Control Weeds?
    Kerosene, a petroleum derivative, is mainly used as a fuel in aviation and a solvent in paints, cleaners, and pesticides. Some countries, such as the UK, refer to it as paraffin. In the developing world, kerosene is mainly used for cooking, heating, and lighting households. But did you know that kerosene can also be used … Read more
  • 9 Weeds That Stick To Your Clothes
    Weeds are unwanted plants that are usually non-native. They spread across pretty quickly, often denying water and nutrient resources to the native plants. Typically, there are multiple ways by which weeds spread. Some common ways are through wind, water, and animals. The pesky plants have methods and particular adaptations for their dispersal. Some to mention … Read more
  • 6 Plants That Look Like Baby Tears
    Baby tears is a mat-forming perennial plant in the family Urticaceae. It’s native to the islands of the Western Mediterranean, particularly Sardinia and Corsica. A botanist by the name Joseph Francis Soleirol is responsible for its scientific name Soleirolia soleirolii. The plant is unique thanks to its many tiny leaves that spread into a large … Read more
  • Shamrock Plant (Oxalis): White Spots On Leaves Treatment
    Gardening can be fun. But things go south when one of your treasured plants gets infected, and you have no idea what pest or disease is causing poor health. Today, we will have an in-depth look at the shamrock plant, its planting requirements, growing conditions, and understand what causes the white spots on its leaves. … Read more
  • 5 Weeds That Look Like Asparagus
    Asparagus (L. name Asparagus Officinalis) is a perennial flowering plant. The young stems of the plants are edible and eaten as spring vegetables. These succulent spring stalks are nutrient-dense. They contain folate, fiber, Vitamin K, C, and A and deliver several health benefits.   But do you know several weeds look like Asparagus? You will get … Read more
  • How To Get Rid Of Snails And Slugs In Potted Plants?
    Are Snails and Slugs a menace to your potted plants? Having a small batch of these creatures in your garden could be beneficial but not entirely safe. An army of them could wreak havoc on your property, destroying your beloved plants. They have a penchant for consuming the soft and tender leaves of outdoor potted … Read more
  • Will Cayenne Pepper Hurt Plants And How To Apply?
    Does cayenne pepper hurt plants? Plant lovers ask this question often!  Here’s the truth. Cayenne pepper, a type of capsicum, is used to flavor dishes. The red-colored vegetable is eight times hotter than red chilies. This spiciness makes it a good candidate against garden adversaries ruining your hard work. You can either use it in … Read more
  • Best Companion Plants For Dieffenbachia
    Dieffenbachia is a herbaceous perennial native to tropical American countries. It is commonly known as dumbcane but has several other names. The names are Gold Dieffenbachia, Variable Dieffenbachia, or Spotted Dumbcane. Most gardeners grow it as a houseplant. The plant has a non-native appeal with elliptic-oblong-shaped leaves that come in a range of colors. The … Read more
  • Best Companion Plants For Armenian Cucumber
    Armenian cucumber is a long, slender, and pale green fruit with a crispy, mildly sweet taste. It has the appearance of cucumber on the inside and also tastes like one. Still, scientifically, it’s a variety of muskmelon (C. Melo) related to the typical cucumber (C. Sativus). The plant has multiple names, such as snake cucumber, … Read more
  • 10 Red Freshwater Aquarium Plants That Are Easy To Grow
    Do you have an aquarium at your place? While you may have sorted what fish species to go for, the confusion stems from selecting the right aquarium plants. Today we will learn how to add dashes of brilliant red to your aquarium. Red freshwater plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit … Read more
  • Plants That Look Like Rhubarb : How To Identify Rhubarb?
    The plant Rhubarb sparks a lot of interest in gardeners once they come across look-alike plants in their yards. The confusion arises from plants that have stems and leaves similar to Rhubarb. While it’s true that these plants exist, it doesn’t mean they are in the same family or carry the same properties as Rhubarb. … Read more
  • Plants That Look Like Japanese Knotweed: Mistaken Plants
    Have you heard of the Japanese Knotweed? It’s a nightmare for most homeowners and gardeners. Not only will it damage your property, but it’s also expensive to remove from your garden in the event of an infestation. The other tricky aspect is its identification. Many plants are mistaken for the Japanese Knotweed, which makes identifying … Read more
  • Are Venus Fly Traps Edible And How To Grow Them?
    It’s common knowledge that most domesticated plants are edible and safe for human consumption. But there’s also the other side of the coin. I’m talking about the wild plants that humans can safely consume. Does any plant come to mind? Because right now, I’m beginning to think about the Venus Fly Trap. As the name … Read more
  • Plants That Look Like Corn Dogs And Cornstalks
    Did you know some plants look like Corn Dogs and Cornstalks? Funny, right? But these plants have a perfect resemblance to the sausage on a stick meal you enjoy eating in American cuisines. Corn Dog is a fast food delicacy for those who don’t know, with a whole day dedicated to it in the United … Read more
  • 15 Easy Ways To Keep Cats Out Of House Plants
    Are you a plant lover and a cat owner at the same time? Well, you already know that things might not be perfect between the two. It is no secret that cats can sometimes be a nuisance. They love to play with houseplants, but not in a good way.  Cats can chew up your plants … Read more
  • Little Devil Ninebark Companion Plants
    Little Devil Ninebark (Physocarpus opulifolius ‘Diabolo‘) is a stylish upright and dense, multi-stem shrub that gardeners love growing thanks to its rich purple foliage. It also comes with small, spirea-like flowers with colors that vary between pinkish and white in summer. The flowers produce reddish fruits in autumn that blend well with the purple leaves. … Read more
  • Grow Blackberries From Cuttings And Tip Rooting
    Blackberry bushes are great for home gardens because they produce fruit during the summer and fall when other berries are scarce. They also have a longer growing season than many other types of berry plants. One of the easiest ways to grow blackberries is by taking cuttings from mature, healthy plants. The best time to … Read more
  • Do Rabbits Eat Tomato Plants And How To Repel Them?
    Do you grow tomatoes in your garden or backyard? If yes, do you sometimes find tomato plants missing fruits, buds, and leaves? While growing your tomatoes has a host of benefits, some uninvited guests also don’t mind munching on them. Yes, we are talking of rabbits here. You must be now wondering if rabbits really … Read more
  • Can You Grow Spinach Indoors And What All Is Required?
    Spinach is a leafy green plant popularized by cartoons such as Popeye The Sailor Man. Well, kids of the ’70s would know more. Not only is it highly nutritious for kids and adults alike, but it is also straightforward to grow and maintain. Today we will learn if Spinach can be grown indoors and what … Read more
  • What Do Carrot Sprouts Look Like: Carrot Growing Guide
    Carrots are a popular root vegetable and thrive in a range of climates. Their rich flavor and texture bring a fresh experience to your dishes. You will find them easy to grow in your garden and can mix them with several foods for appealing colors and delicacy. Carrots are full of vitamins and also contain … Read more
  • Plants that Repel Ants: How To Grow Them
    Let’s face it: Ants are beneficial insects, and it’s worth having them around, but an increasing population can be a menace to both your house and garden. I need not mention the irritating little tickles on your leg and the ugly sight of their stream crawling across your patio. There are several ways to repel … Read more
  • Epsom Salt for Cucumbers: When And How To Apply?
    We can’t live without cucumbers, isn’t it? The vine plant belonging to the gourd family finds multiple uses in our home and kitchen. Whether it is making your favorite green salad or your DIY Face Mask, cucumbers are irreplaceable. Farming the plant is enjoyable when the harvest is bountiful. On the flip side, nutritional deficiencies … Read more
  • Top 20 Plants That Can Grow In Water
    Did you know some plants can grow in water? You will find this handy, especially if you want to propagate indoor plants without soiling your house. Propagating plants in water is also useful when you want to grow pond plants, herbs, and vegetables in your kitchen. You can choose anything such as fish bowls, jars, test … Read more
  • What To Do About Cucumber Leaves Turning Yellow?
    When cucumber leaves start to turn yellow, it isn’t always easy to figure out the reason why. Yellowing leaves are usually a sign of a sickly plant that needs urgent attention. In this article, we will go through the reasons why cucumber leaves turn yellow and what you can do about it. The Process Behind … Read more
  • Weeds that Look Like Small Trees: Identification Guide
    Do you have weeds that look like small trees in your yard? Have you ever come across them when weeding your garden? If not, you may find it difficult to distinguish them from other trees in the garden. You may have been allowing weed trees to grow in your garden, thinking they were regular trees. … Read more
  • Best 25 Easy Seeds To Grow In A Cup
    As is the norm, most gardeners plant seeds on earth. And that’s what you have been doing over the years because you consider the practice natural. But if you didn’t know about it, you also got the option of growing seeds in cups before planting on land. What your seeds need is a medium to … Read more
  • How To Grow Brussels Sprouts in Your Garden: Complete Guide
    Are you trying to find your way around growing Brussels Sprouts in your backyard or garden? Here is where we start. The Brussels Sprouts originated from Brussels, Belgium, and that explains the naming behind it. If you are beginning, I would suggest you go for the Brigitte F1 variety. It’s the most popular variety amongst … Read more