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How To Get Rid Of Bees In The Garage

Getting rid of bees in your garage can be daunting, given their stinging nature. Even more challenging is to deal with their constant buzz.

However, it’s also vital to point out that bees are docile and an important part of the ecosystem. Trouble only starts when they find a way to your yard or garage, endangering you and your loved ones.


Common bees you’re likely to spot in the garage include 

  • Western honeybees,
  • Carpenter bees 
  • Bumblebees 
  • Blueberry bees 
  • Sweat bees and 
  • Mason bees 

Fortunately, there are several ways to control their population. Let’s dive straight in. 

Getting Rid Of Bees In The Garage


You could use several methods to eliminate bees in the garage. Pick a technique that aligns well with the situation at hand. 

An excellent first step is to identify their entry points. The same applies to other insects.


  • You’ll need to protect yourself from potential bee stings by putting on gloves, thick socks, and a facemask.
  • Prefer dealing with the bees after sunset since they are inactive at that time.


1. Spray The Bees With Essential Oils / Use Aromatic Herbs 

This is more of a DIY method, and you don’t need an expert to come to help you out. It works out best if your garage is infested with carpenter bees. Prepare a concoction of essential oils and spray it on the bees. 

Materials You Will Need 

  • Peppermint 
  • Cinnamon 
  • Clove 
  • Dish soap 
  • Spray bottle

Adjust the spray nozzle into a fine mist and spray the infested area to eliminate the bees. An alternative to using essential oils is aromatic herbs. Despite their sweet fragrance, aromatic herbs act as bee repellents.

Place the herbs strategically in your garages, such as the windows, doors, or vents. The potent ones include Citronella, Citrus geranium, Basil, Mint, or Lavender. 

2. Get Rid Of Bee Attractants In The Garage 


Bees live in colonies and are attracted to pollen, nectar, and brightly colored flowers. Bees will find a home there if you’ve them or similar attractants in the garage. 

Garbage, spilled soap or sweet things can also attract them. Eliminating these attractants around your yard saves you the trouble of dealing with a full-blown infestation later.

3. Coffee Repellent 


Coffee is a good home remedy for repelling bees. If they are a menace in your garage, place coffee grounds in a container or ashtray and light them up. 

The resulting smoke effectively drives away the bees from your garage. 

4. Spray The Bees With Warm Water

Using warm water to eliminate bees in your garage is one of the safe methods to use without causing collateral damage. Fill a pressure spray bottle with warm water and spray the beehive or their makeshift abode in your garage.

A pressure sprayer is ideal since it helps you keep a safe distance from the hive. 

5. Use Biopesticide Dust


Another effective way to get rid of bees is using biopesticide dust like Borax. Sprinkle the dust at the entrance to their hive so that while crawling through it, they get in contact with the substance and suffocate.

6. Use Vinegar 

You can use vinegar in many forms to combat bees. It’s an excellent alternative method to using pesticides or chemicals.

The smell of vinegar causes suffocation in bees by interfering with their respiratory function. Fill several cans with water and add a few drops of the vinegar to each can. 

Place the cans near the hive for maximum effect. Another option is using vinegar in a spray bottle. Bees find it challenging to fly once coated with it.

7. Light Candles And Incense Sticks Near The Hive 


Bees are smoke phobic and will fly away on signs of it around their hives. This is a trick used by professional beekeepers to keep the bees sedated while extracting honey from their hives.

You could light incense sticks or strong scented candles to repel bees. Citronella candles are quite effective in this regard. 

8. Eliminate The Bees With Garlic Spray 


Mix garlic powder with water in a spray bottle and spray the infested areas of your garage. This is not a welcome method for pets around the home, but it’s worth a shot in ensuring you eliminate the stinging insects from your property. 

9. Use Bleach

One of the easy methods to eliminate bees in your garage is using bleach. Simply dilute it with enough water and pour it over the hive.

Bleach takes out bees pretty fast and is relatively safe to use compared to other chemical insecticides.

10. Trap the Bees 

You can get rid of the bees in your garage by using bee traps. While you could easily purchase the traps from a local dealer, you’ve also got the option of making one yourself.

You can replicate the principles employed in preparing a commercial bee trap when preparing a homemade bee trap. The trick is to create a narrow opening at the entrance that only allows the bees to go in but cannot get out. Ideally, your trap should have a bait that will attract the bees. 

Materials You’ll Need for Preparing a Bee Trap

  • A 2-liter bottle 
  • A stapler
  • Heavy-duty tape 
  • Artificial nectar/ A sugary substance 

Steps to preparing the bee trap 

  • Cut the 2-liter bottle into two, ideally five inches from the top 
  • Invert the top half of the bottle into the bottom half 
  • Use a heavy-duty tape to secure the two bottle pieces together 
  • Next, add the sugary substance inside the container— maple syrup or artificial nectar would work best.

Once you have trapped the bees, you can transfer them to a safe location or release them far from your property. 

11. Use Citrus 


Citrus has also been proven effective in repelling bees and is a potential solution to your bee-infested garage. Common citrus fruits to use are lemon and oranges. 

Cut the fruits into peels and place them in different parts of your garage. The other option is using a diffuser or a spray bottle to spray lemon juice in places the bees frequent.

12. Use Garage Door Screens

Garage door screens prevent bees and insects from flying in while allowing you to work in your garage without shutting the door.

Use a very fine one to ensure none of the bees sneak through.

Humane Method

This method involves taking advantage of the positive phototaxis nature of the bees. Being phototaxis positive means bees are naturally attracted to light.

Close your garage door entirely and let only a tiny window remain open. On seeing the light coming out of it, the bees are likely to fly out of your garage.

However, be quick to close the window when a sizeable population has flown out, or they may return.

Preventive Measures

  • Keep your garage neat, clean, and well organized.
  • Do not keep honey, sugar, or other potential attractants in your garage.
  • Always thoroughly clean up twice a month using bleach or another potent cleaning agent.
  • Ensure your lawn mower is free from grass clippings while storing it in the garage, as these can attract bees and a host of other insects.
  • Do not keep your garage door or windows open for extended periods.
  • Seal off cracks and small openings in your garage walls using plaster or clear silicone.

Wrap Up 

Bees can be irritating, especially if they find cozy habitation in any part of your home, such as the garage. On the flip side, they are a critical part of the ecosystem. They produce honey and act as pollinators. 

That said, you shouldn’t let them inhabit your garage as they could become quite a nightmare.

The abovementioned methods will help you bring some sense of serenity to your garage.

If all else fails, it would be best to contact a local beekeeper to help you get rid of the bees. 

How To Get Rid Of Bees In The Garage

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