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Hamster Lifespan – How Long Do Hamsters Live?

If you just got a pet hamster or are looking to buy one, you are likely to wonder, how long do hamsters live? After all, your little furry friend is going to be living with you, and getting separated from a pet is never easy. It is always better to know what the average lifespan of a particular animal is. Plus, there always some key factors that can positively contribute to how long your pet can live. 

Let’s find out the answer to this frequently asked question and also share tips on how you can improve your hamsters’ lifespan and quality of life.

How Long Do hamsters Live? What is the Average Life Span of a Hamster?

Well, hamsters do not live very long when compared to other domestic pets like cats or dogs.

Generally, you can expect a hamster to live for two to three years. In fact, at one year and a half years, a hamster is actually among the elderly. 

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So, the average lifespan of a hamster would be 2-3 years but there are some rare cases where hamsters have lived for more than 3 years. And some hamsters don’t even cross the one-year mark. 

Furthermore, the breed of hamster also matters and each breed has a different life expectancy. For instance, Robovoski Hamsters can live up to four years tops, whereas the smaller Chinese hamster can barely make it to two years.

If you want your pet hammy to stick around for a long time, then you should properly do your research on the breed you are getting. It can be quite hard to accept that your hamster will leave you so soon.

So before you buy a hamster, you should prepare yourself mentally and accept that you will have a few years with your adorable pet. But this doesn’t mean there’s only sadness and parting ahead for you and your pet hammy. There are a number of ways you can ensure that your hamster lives up to its’ full potential and gets a quality life.

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Factors determining a hamsters lifespan

As mentioned earlier, one main factor is the species and breed you are getting. Another factor is genetics and this is simply not in your control. If your hamster is predisposed to certain genes, they will determine their expected life too.

However other factors that you can control and use to benefit your hamsters’ life greatly include:

Diet: Make sure to provide a balanced, nutrient-dense diet to your pet hammy. Avoid fattening, unhealthy foods, and keep any sugary foods to a minimum, Always research carefully before feeding anything to your hamster as they have very sensitive GI tracts.

Exercise: Hamsters need to regularly exercise in order to stay fit. Make sure to add a hamster wheel or ball for your hamster to run on. Or allow it to run out of the cage every day. 

Environment: Providing a safe and clean environment is also key for your hamster to live a long and healthy life. 

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Keeping a check: Hamsters are not demanding pets but you do need to keep a check on them and look out for any signs of illness. If you sense something is wrong, always get prompt medical attention and treatment for your pet hammy. 

We hope this article answered your question of ‘how long do hamsters live’ and that you will follow our tips for giving the best possible life to your pet.

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