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How To Hang Plants From Ceiling Without Drilling

Drilling holes in your ceiling to hang your plants is workable but not ideal if you are renting or don’t want to mess up your ceiling.

You could damage your water distribution system, drainage pipes, or electric wires in the process.

Also, punched holes in the ceiling are an eyesore once you remove the plants.

With that in mind, we have some hacks for hanging plants from your ceiling without drilling.

These methods will not only save you from tonnes of headache but will also give your house an excellent feel with plants hanging around.

Let’s get down to ways you can hang plants without causing any damages. 


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How To Hang Plants Without Drilling Holes In Your Ceiling?

There are several ways to go about this. Choose the method which complements the interiors of your house.

1. Magnet Hook With A Magnetic Hang


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Depending on the make of your ceiling, you could use solid magnetic hooks to hang your plants from it. The magnetic hooks contain a plate and an attached hook.

To hang your favorite plant, attach the hook to an air vent or metal fixture from your ceiling. Hang your plant over the hook by using a loop. 

2. Hang Plants From Your Ceiling Using An Adhesive Hook


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The other option you have for hanging plants from your ceiling without inflicting damages to your roof is using adhesive hooks.

The adhesive hooks are adjustable and a perfect fit for your ceiling. You can purchase them from your local hardware store or online.

Once you have the hook with you, peel off the adhesive cover and stick the back of the hook on the ceiling. Your plant pot should have a hook or twine that you can pass over the loop of the hook to hang it from your roof.

Using adhesive hooks is the most recommended method if looking to hang plants directly from your ceiling. Ensure to use stronger hooks for weighty plants to prevent them from falling off. 

3. Use Suction Cup Hangers


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Do you have a skylight in your home? If so, suction cup hangers are the best option for you.

The cups are ideal for smooth surfaces. It’s safe to use since it does not make any holes in your ceiling.

Avoid hanging plants heavier than 5 pounds when using suction cups since they can pull them down. 

4. Use Tension Rods


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You can also save yourself the trouble of drilling holes on your ceiling by using tension rods. The rods are typically used for hanging clothes, curtains, or partitioning rooms.

On the contrary, hanging plants on them still works fine. You can use three rods; place two rods vertically on the space you want to hang your planters.

Use the two rods to support a third rod running horizontally between them. The idea is to create tension between two rods.

Here is where you hang your planters or the air planters such as String of Pearls or the Bird’s Nest Fern.

It’s inexpensive and damage-free to your ceiling. You could purchase tension rods from online stores like Amazon.

For safety reasons, check the weight limit of the rods before purchase to ensure they can carry the air plants after watering.

You could also use the bohemian-style plant rod to hang plants from your ceiling. Most pots and hangers will fit well in this commercial rod. 

5. Use Floating Shelves


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The use of floating shelves is an excellent do-it-yourself project if looking to hang plants from your ceiling.

Hang the planters or pots in front of a window ideally to allow them to get enough sunlight.

You could combine this with the use of an adhesive or magnetic hook to avoid drilling your ceiling. 

6. Macrame Plant Holders


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Macrame plant holders are another best option for you to hang plants from your ceiling. Pass the hanging plant loop over their hooks to hold your hanging plant in position from the ceiling.

Macrame plant holders not only prevent rodents from chewing up your plant but also give your room an anti-gravity feel. 

7. Clothing Rack Vertical Garden


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Another option you want to use to avoid drilling your beautiful ceiling is to use a clothing rack as a vertical garden. Have plant pots hang from the rod on top of the rack.

It’s a creative way to repurpose your clothing rack for displaying a beautiful assortment of plants. 

8. Use Wall Mounted Hooks With A Command Strip


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You could use a wooden hook mounted on your wall together with a command strip to hang your plants. These plants could be in a basket or a plant pot.

Wrap the plant pots with a command strip and loop them on the mounting hooks on the wall. 

9. S-Hooks


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S-hooks are ideal for hanging your plants from anywhere in your house, provided there is a place to hook them. That could be on a tension rod or a slab on your wall.

10. Shelf-Planting


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Why not use a shelf planter to avoid drilling your ceiling. Use a spacious shelf in your house or purchase one to help position your plants without much fuss.

A high shelf helps provide room for hanging your plants and also keeps the home organized. 

11. Use A Coat Rack


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It’s all about being creative to preserve the luster of your ceiling. An idea you want to explore is the use of a coat rack.

It does an excellent job of hanging your plants, saving you from drilling holes.

You can purchase one from a local store or Amazon and use planters with loops to hook them on the coat rack extensions. 

12. Sturdy Decorative Branches


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This is a good option for you if you have sturdy decorative branches around. Not all branches are handy since you want to keep your living room as appealing as possible.

Use the sturdy branches together with a string to create a semblance of boho home decor. Find your ideal house hanging plants and use the spring and branches to display them hanging from the ceiling. 

13. Employ Clamps As Hooks


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You know what a clamp can do in terms of holding and fastening something. It’s an excellent option for you if you have an area in your attic or living room like the edge of a mid-running wall.

Clamp the wall and hook your potted plant on it. 

14. Hang White Planters With Hooks


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Your other alternative would be to hang white planters with a loop on a hook. A perfect choice for you if you are thrilled by design. 

15. Over The Door Hooks


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Over-the-door hooks are handy if you have an old or unused door in your house. As the name suggests, hang the hooks over the door top and hang your favorite plants from them.

The hooks can manage the weight of medium-sized plants. Something worth noting is that over the door hooks have hooking portion sticks.

Ensure these hooking portion sticks are hanging out 4- 6 inches. They give more room for your pot to hang. 

16. Using An Old Ladder As A Plant Stand


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If you have an old ladder lying around idle, you could turn it into a stand for positioning and hanging your plants.

It’s an old-fashioned but workable way of hanging plants and is better than the traditional ceiling drill. 

Wrap Up

Hanging plants from your ceiling without drilling is all about creativity.  You need not use technology or other sophisticated ways to have plants hanging around.

Have a small budget around to cater for items you may need to buy from your local store, like the tension rods.

We hope you will enjoy the new appealing look in your living space. 

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