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25 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas With Swings, Pergola And Lights

Do you have an outdoor living space that you still need to figure out how to use? We got some outdoor fire pit ideas that are workable in summer and across all seasons.

Sitting beside a slow-burning fire is an incredible experience. Whether it is telling scary stories, revisiting old memories, or simply having leisure time with family and friends after sunset.

Besides, firepit setups help spruce up the ambiance and design of your backyard, adding to the aesthetics of your property.

Let’s explore these ideas and see what suits your taste and style. 

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Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas With Swings 

The section takes a deeper dive into fire pit ideas with swings.

Besides getting warm and cozy, you could spruce up your fire pit by adding swings as seating for a more thrilling experience.

Apart from kids, adults also find them quite enjoyable. 

1. Hexagonal Swings With Sunken Fire Pit 



One of the ideas includes. The setup has a spectacular roof design that looks like a pergola. Make sure to place the swings far enough from the firepit so that you don’t accidentally swing into the fire.

The fire pit idea is easy to maintain and is suitable for family nights. The hexagonal fire pit is a relatively straightforward DIY project and can be completed within a weekend.

2. Large Swing Sets With Sunken Fire Pit


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This setup is pretty identical to the hexagonal swing idea mentioned above.

However, you would use oversized individual chairs or three-seater sofas instead of small benches. The setup is also relatively larger and ideal for many people.

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Interestingly, you can combine various colors in the seating to suit your backyard style and color.  

3. Raised Fire Pit With Swings


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Instead of a sunken fire pit, you would be doing a raised one on this. However, it is riskier as sunken fire pits are far better at containing smoke and heat.

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas With Pavers And Stones

The section below includes outdoor fire pit ideas with pavers and stones. Pavers are pretty gorgeous and come in different shapes and sizes.

Most gardeners prefer precast concrete pavers, which are stylish and complement almost any backyard design. We dug into some ideas you will find interesting.

4. Brick Paver Fire Pit 


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You can set up a fire pit on brick pavers. Ideally, lay the brick pavers in a box pattern, making them run diagonally from the house or in a curved design.

You can lay the pavers bordering the grass in double vertical lines. This makes it easier to achieve a long elegant arch.

Top the walls of the brick pavers with flat capstones. 

5. Contemporary Concrete Fire Pit


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If your budget allows, you can make a versatile fire pit design in concrete. This design includes inexpensive additions that will enable your loved ones to spend quality time outdoors.

The design also packs quality outdoor benches made of wicker with comfortable seats and cushiony pillows.

6. Triangular Paver Fire Pit


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Choosing a fire pit design is not just about warmth and comfort. It is also directly correlated to your landscape style.

You can create a welcoming focal point with a triangular paver fire pit that is light on your pocket. 

7. Circular Brick Pavers Around a Fire Pit


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When constructing a fire pit in your yard, you can get more creative with brick pavers. An idea you can explore is setting up the brick pavers in a circular pattern and finishing it off in a basketweave pattern.

You want to continue with the pattern to tie up with the rest of the patio along the house. Your finished work should have a sitting area separating the yard from the garden bed and an elegant fireplace. 

8. Waterfall Fire Pit 


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How about merging your stone fire pit with a pool? Build up the fireplace and have it surrounded by a wall of concrete.

On one end of the concrete is an opening that allows a jet of water from a waterfall into your swimming pool.

Yep, the idea is straight from movies. You will need a million dollars handy!

9. Glass Fire Pit On Concrete Base


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You can make a gas fire pit on top of a stone table with a concrete stand and base and surround it with glass walls. 

10. Corner Fire Pit On Pavers


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A corner fire pit with paver seats is handy for homeowners who might want to save on the cost of construction.

With this setup, the paver wall serves as the seating with a surrounding raised firepit. You can also add rocking chairs to accommodate more people.

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas With Pergola 

Nature can be unpredictable at times, bringing rain or snow showers. In such situations, an outdoor fire pit with a pergola will suit you best.

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You should note that this will have safety implications; thus, you must consider the fireplace type and materials.

Be keen to abide by all the fire safety rules and regulations in your jurisdiction. The common firepit types to use with a pergola include; 

  • Natural gas fire pit 
  • Propane fire pit 
  • Gas fire tables

In all the fire pits mentioned above, double-check the minimum clearance required between the pit surface and the pergola and adhere to it.

Let’s explore some ideas.

11. Brick Fire Pit With Solid Wood Pergola


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If you have a brick fire pit or intend to construct one, ensure it fits well with a solid wood pergola.

Depending on your personal preferences or safety concerns, you could align the firepit slightly outside the pergola to avoid burns and soot on its surface. 

12. Portable Propane Fire Pit Under Pergola


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If you love the idea of an outdoor firepit yet lack the space to build one, you can buy a portable propane fire pit. This fire pit fits well under any constructed pergola in your yard.

The mobility of the propane fire pit enables you to move it around based on your preference.

13. Built-in Outdoor Fire Pit Under Metal Pergola


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A built-in outdoor fire pit pairs well with a movable metal pergola. Remember to take care of the clearance between the two, as metal pergolas sit lower than usual.

Invest in comfy cushions and plastic seats for the perfect outdoor relaxation. 

14. Small Lounge with Butane Fire Pit


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The butane fire pit is contemporary and can match your pergola’s ambiance and decor. It packs a smokeless linear fire that lights up your mood. 

15. Built-in Stone Fire Pit With Pergola 


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Another interesting idea to implement in your yard would be to build a pergola structure with an inbuilt stone firepit.

Align the pit slightly outside the purview of the pergola and cover it with stones to prevent the heat from adversely affecting the wooden structure. 

16. Small Corner Fire Pit Under Pergola


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A small corner fire pit covered under a pergola is good for you if you lack enough space in your yard. Half of the fire pit will be under the pergola, while the other half will be in the open. 

17. Wooden Pergola With Concrete Fire Pit 


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You can combine a concrete fire pit with a wooden pergola. Cover the hole with a heavy stone cover to contain the fire.

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The fire pit can be pretty close to the sitting area if the seating is made of concrete. 

Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas With Light 

Adding lights to your outdoor fire pit helps bring in some romance and makes the perfect getaway.

What are some of the outdoor fire pit ideas with light you can get into your yard? 

18. Fire Pit with Tiki Torches 


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Have you heard of tiki torches? You could use them with string lights and hanging lanterns to create a warm glow around your yard’s outdoor fire pit. Add citronella fuel to the tiki torches to keep bugs away from the fireplace. 

19. Outdoor Fire Pit With Fence Lights 


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Besides hanging string lights over and above the fire pit, you can also use them as fence lights. Let them hang around the fence surrounding the entire patio area.

Fence lights work best if you have no support beams or a tall structure to hang the lights. 

20. Fire Pit With Copper Light Sconces 


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Another brilliant idea to light up your fire pit area is using copper light sconces. These work best if your fire pit is made of pavers or stonework.

The light from the copper sconces complements the stonework giving it a stunningly beautiful look. 

21. Fire Pit With Wall Lights 


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Wall lights can be an excellent addition to your fire pit area, especially if the seating is made of concrete walls. You can work with an expert to get the lighting installed.

22. Fire Pit With Tree Spotlights


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Tree spotlights can light up your outdoor fire pit in ways you haven’t imagined before. Go for low-voltage options to save on energy.

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The trees don’t have to be very close to the fire pit. The spotlights will provide enough illumination even while being several feet away. 

23. Fire Pit with String Lights On Posts 


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You can brighten up your fire pit using string lights on posts. Match the light color to blend with the aesthetics of your outdoor fire pit. 

24. Outdoor Fire Pit With Path Lights 


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Path lights can also make your fire pit shine at night. Use them to illuminate the ground to enhance safety and visibility at night. 

25. Outdoor Fire Pit With Rope Lights 


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Another option you can use to highlight your fire pit is rope lights. You can go for colored LEDs and compliment your fire pit’s primary color. This option is light on the pocket while being easy to install


When it comes to constructing your dream outdoor fire pit, the options are endless. It all boils down to your preference and style. 

You can pair up your firepit with swings, a wooden pergola, pavers, or lights. 

With endless options listed above, you can find what works for you and get started. 

25 Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas With Swings, Pergola And Lights

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