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Is Simple Green Safe For Plants And Grass?

Being a gardener or homeowner, cleaning your indoor and outdoor environment is something you can’t overlook.

You will often need to get rid of dirt in your patio, deck, outdoor furniture, or surfaces using a cleaning agent.

During cleaning, some of the cleaning solutions could find their way to your lawn or plants.

How do you ensure the safety of your grass or plants then?

Long answer short—make use of plant-safe and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

This article talks specifically about Simple Green, which is quite popular, and whether it’s safe for plants and grass. 

Simple Green 


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You could use many detergents out there for your daily cleaning needs; one of them is Simple Green.

Gardeners often use it to clean liquid spills and dirt build-ups in their yards and the indoors.

The water-based cleaning product has a range of ingredients that include ethoxylated alcohol, sodium citrate, dimethyl ammonium chloride, ethanol, and colorant.

The solution is considered safe for use since it lacks harmful chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, and petroleum distillates.

It’s non-toxic and biodegradable and can get rid of the toughest stains.

It also provides up to 30 times the cleaning value as claimed by the company. 

Is Simple Green Safe For Grass? 


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Luckily for you, diluted Simple Green is safe for plants and grass. Should it come into contact with your plants or grass, rinse them with lots of water.

Rinsing the cleaner off the plants or grass pushes the cleaner into the soil. According to the company, its presence in the soil could be beneficial since the wetting agent it contains helps the soil retain moisture.

You should also note that the biodegradable formula it contains is safe for use in a landscape. It doesn’t harm the grass or trees in your yard. 

Precautions When Using Simple Green 


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Despite being non-toxic and relatively safe for use, you should take precautions when using Simple Green.

First up, only use it on items it’s meant to be used on. Follow the instructions on the label closely to learn the correct application method.

You should rinse the items thoroughly after cleaning.

Pay attention to crevices and cracks to ensure there are no residues left behind.

Your safety is also important.

Ensure to put on safety gear, specifically safety goggles, to prevent eye irritation.

Simple Green is harmless to your skin, but you should wear rubber gloves if you feel your skin is extra-sensitive.

Furthermore, Simple Green is not corrosive but can accelerate corrosion in soft metals.

We advise employing caution when dealing with soft metals such as Aluminium.  

Wrap Up 

If you have any doubts concerning the safety of your plants and grass when using Simple Grass, you can put them aside.

Diluted Simple Green is non-toxic and non-biodegradable.

Rinse your plants or grass in case of spillage with enough water to wash off the solution to the soil.

The wetting agents in Simple Green have been found useful in helping the soil to retain moisture.

Finally, ensure to observe all the precautionary measures when using Simple Green

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