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How To Stop Cats From Pooping On My Doorstep

Keeping cats around can be a rewarding experience, but there is a caveat you got to contend with; they poop around all the wrong places. 

If you think only your backyard or patio is vulnerable, think twice. Your doorstep could very well turn out to be their favorite spot.

The crazy part is that even if you do not own any pets, your neighbor’s cats could act naughty. 

Cat poop is not only smelly but an eyesore you want to get rid of as soon as possible. Let’s show you how to stop cats from pooping at your doorstep. 

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Why Do Cats Poop Around All The Wrong Places? 

cat-on-the-doorThis can be partially attributed to a lack of proper training on your part (or your neighbors). Some reasons this could be happening include. 

1. Uncomfortable Litter Box

Cats can be picky about the type of material you lay in the litter box. You want to identify which suits your cat best.

If your cat isn’t comfortable, it will find another spot to poop. 

2. Litter Box Sharing

Your cats will identify other places to poop if you confine them to one litter box for pooping. Generally, cats do not like sharing stuff, even when it comes to the litter box.

3. Anger 

Cats, like humans, have feelings, too, which could make them irrational and vengeful. Check how you have been handling your fur friend lately and whether it is edgy with you. 

4. Diseases 

Diseases could lead to behavioral changes in cats, making them pee or poop at different spots from the designated location. Discomfort while peeing or pooping could result in them relieving elsewhere. 

5. Stress 

Another causal factor for a behavioral change in your cat is stress. Stressful situations could result in them pooping elsewhere.

Have there been recent changes to your household, like a new member in the family, a new pet, or a shift to a new home? All these could lead to your cat misbehaving. 

6. Territory Marking

If there are stray cats around your property, they could be pooping at unusual places to mark their territories. 

Tips For Stopping Cats From Pooping On Your Doorstep 

cat-staringCats pooping in the wrong places are utterly irritable, and the next thing you want to do is prevent or bring an end to the continued violation of your hygiene and cleanliness.

If your doorstep is already littered, remove the poop using the steps below. 

  • Wear gloves for safety. Cat poop contains toxoplasma, a dangerous parasite, especially for pregnant women. 
  • Use paper towels to pick up the poop and dispose of it in a litter bin.
  • Clean the area with bleach and cold water.
  • Apply a pet stain and odor remover. 

Let’s look at some valuable tips to stop cats from pooping at your doorstep. 

1. Use A Litter Box Laced With Smells The Cats Like 

litter-boxAdding pleasant smells to their litter boxes is an easy technique to help correct your cats from pooping on your doorstep. 

You could experiment with Honeysuckle, Catnip, Olive, Valerian root, or Cat thyme.

Study your cat to know what smell they love most and leverage their powerful sense of smell to your advantage. 

2. Keep The Litter Box Clean 

Cats are hygiene conscious, and confining them to a dirty litter box could easily lead them to poop at your doorstep. Clean your feline litter box using the below easy-to-follow steps using bleach. 

  • Get rid of all the solid waste from the litter box. 
  • Clean it thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Mix bleach and water in a ratio of ¾ cup of bleach to a gallon of water. 
  • Fill the litter box with the bleach solution and allow it to stand for five minutes. 
  • Rinse the litter box and place it outside to dry.

3. Scatter Unappealing Fragrances At Your Doorstep

cat-outsideIf you keep your doorstep giving off the aroma of not-so-cat-friendly smells, they won’t hang around for long. Some of the things to use include:

  • Coffee Grounds 
  • Vinegar has a solid and sour smell that overpowers the poop smell at your doorstep. It’s also helpful in preventing the cats from coming back again. A mix of vinegar and warm water in a spray bottle will do the trick. 
  • Citrus Peels: Cut some orange or lemon peels and place several of them in a small bag. Put the bag by your doorstep. 
  • Lemon Juice: If using lemon juice, squeeze some on a towel and place it by the door. 
  • Lemon Grass
  • Citronella: Most gardeners use citronella candles. You don’t have to light them. Keep them in a jar by your door. 
  • Organic Citrus Sprays  
  • Lavender Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
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If using essential oils, mix one part with three parts of water and spray at your doorstep. Reapply spray if you note the potency is reduced. 

4. Lay Prickly Surfaces Around Your Door 

prickly-plants-outsideCats are non-tolerant to prickly surfaces; you could leverage this to your advantage. You have a range of options to choose from: 

  • Setting up chicken wire under the dirt near your door area.
  • Embedding wooden chopsticks or pinecones deep into the soil with top parts exposed a few inches above the soil. 

5. Spray Commercial Cat Repellents 

Cat repellent sprays have a strong scent that deters them from visiting unwanted places. Spray the repellent at your doorstep and prevent cats from pooping around. 

6. Plant Thorny Plants 

thorny-plantsAnother option you could explore is planting thorny plants near your house entrance. This is handy, especially if dealing with stray cats within the neighborhood. 

Some options include holly, hawthorn, roses, barberry, thorny blackberry, tangelo, and prickly pear.

Some of them also add pretty well to the aesthetics of your property. 

However, be careful if you have kids around. You don’t want to expose them to any hurt. 

7. Plant Cat-Repellent Plants 

rosemary-herbSome plants radiate strong smells that keep cats at bay. This is particularly helpful if many wild cats come through your yard.

Some of these plants include: 

  • Rosemary 
  • Lavender 
  • Coleus Canina & 
  • Curry leaves 


cat-sitting-on-doorStopping cats pooping at your doorstep isn’t as hard as you think. If your cat has developed this habit lately, check whether there are factors that could be contributing to this. 

These could be stress, anger, disease, or the simple fact that you aren’t giving your cat the ideal litter box. Sometimes stray or neighbor cats could be the culprit. 

Whatever the case, the solutions suggested above offer you what you need to bring back normalcy to your home and have it smell fresh again. 

How To Stop Cats From Pooping On My Doorstep

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