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How To Stop Raccoons From Pooping On My Deck

Nobody likes to see animal droppings in their living space, least of all from animals like raccoons. Not only is the sight an eyesore, but the disgusting stink is unbearable.

Unfortunately, raccoons prefer to use flat surfaces like your deck as a pooping spot.

In this article, we will show you several ways to stop raccoons from pooping on your deck and how to dispose of those droppings.

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Raccoons And Their Activities

raccoonsRaccoons usually prefer living in the wild but thrive well in urban areas due to their adaptable nature. They typically weigh about 15 to 60 pounds and can have an average body length of 16 to 18 inches.

The physical appearance of a raccoon includes several distinct features, like the dark map underneath their eyes, ringed tails, and dexterous front paws. They have a grayish coat.

Most people think they are rodents, but it’s a misconception. Raccoons are closely related to ring-tailed cats and cacomistles.

Also, since they are in the order Carnivora, they are related to bears and wolves.

Although raccoons seem harmless, they are considered invasive in some parts of the world. They also tend to spread rabies.

Raccoons are fairly intelligent and primarily nocturnal. They are omnivorous and can eat anything from fruits and nuts to worms, birds, and other mammals.

In the wild, they live for about three years. They can live longer when there’s food, shelter, and no predators. When it’s cold, their thick underfur keeps them warm.

Fun Fact: Raccoons will dip their food in water and rub it with their paws to get more sensory information about what they are eating.

How Do You Confirm If A Raccoon Has Been Pooping On Your Deck?

raccoon-poopA good way to start is to identify the poop. Their poop is often about three inches long, dark, and cylindrical. If you see pieces of undigested berries (one of their favorite foods), then the likelihood of a raccoon increases manifold.

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Raccoons often find a location to defecate far from where they eat or sleep because they are clean animals. Usually, they’d use that one spot to relieve themselves, but once it’s no longer suitable, they move and find a new site.

One of the ways raccoons marks their territory is by creating a latrine. So if you do not stop them from using your deck as one, more raccoons will become attracted to that spot.

How To Stop Raccoons From Pooping On Your Deck

1. Cover The Latrine Site

Since raccoons always go to the same spot to defecate, you must make that spot off-limits.

Clean up the poop from your porch and place heavy furniture or anything the animal cannot go under or move out of the way.

When they notice their latrine spot is gone, they will move away from your porch.

2. Use Deterrents

garlicRaccoons have a strong sense of smell, so they generally steer clear of areas with intense odor.

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You can make a deterrent from ingredients like hot pepper, peppermint oil, essential oil, garlic juice, and Epsom salt. You can also combine these ingredients and mix them up in a spray bottle.

Spray your porch thoroughly with the solution.

3. Cover Your Deck With Plastic

plastic-coverRaccoons have sensitive feet, and they do not like the feeling of walking over plastic.

Make them think twice by covering your deck with a double layer of plastic bag or bubble wrap. When you notice the raccoons are no longer interested, you can take the covering off.

4. Use A Motion-Activated Sprinkler

sprinklerA motion sensor sprinkler will spray the raccoons with water once it detects movement. Once this happens several times a week, the raccoons will no longer come to your deck to poop.

Please note that in some extreme cases, you’ll have no other option but to call a professional.

5. Use Motion Activated Lights

Motion-Activated-LightsMotion-activated lights also do an excellent job of scaring away these troublesome animals by sudden bright flashes. 

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However, be mindful that these could also startle your pets. 

6. Avoid Keeping Trash Or Pet Food Outside

pet-food-siteWild animals often end up on your property searching for easy food. Avoid keeping open trash cans or leftover pet food on your deck. 

7. Prune Overgrown Branches Or Trees

prune-toolIf you are wondering how raccoons find their way into your property after all the hours you put into fencing it up— look above.

Overgrown trees and branches could be acting as ladders and bridges. Prune them immediately.

8. Use Predator Urine

dog-peeSpraying fox or coyote urine around your porch works wonders in making these pesky animals believe that a dangerous predator is lurking around.

They wouldn’t dare come near your porch.

9. Use Mothballs

Mothballs repel raccoons quite effectively and are easy to procure. Pack several of them in small cloth bags and place them near the usual pooping spots on your porch.

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This will keep their potency intact while ensuring that your pets or children do not consume them accidentally.

10. Use Plastic Spike Strips Or Thorns

spike-thornsAnother innovative way to combat the raccoon menace on your porch is to use plastic spike strips readily available at hardware stores.

You can also litter their path with branches carrying thorns.

11. Fence Your Property

fencingFencing your property to prevent the raccoons from entering altogether might be a good but expensive option— especially if you have a large property.

Make sure to make the fence high enough to prevent raccoons from jumping over. Also, ensure it goes at least two feet deep into the soil.

Avoid using an electric fence if you have pets or children around.

12. Get A Guard Dog


If you have a large dog around, you can train it to chase off raccoons. Toss a munchy treat every time it does the job successfully to reinforce the habit.

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13. Trap The Animals

raccoon-trapThis is the ultimate resort if all else fails. However, you must first contact your local wildlife department to ascertain the laws concerning trapping raccoons.

Also, be in the know-how of where to release or relocate them.

14. Call Professional Services

If you do not want to follow any of the above methods (or if you are a millionaire by any chance), calling professional rodent control services would be your only option. 

Just throw some hundred-dollar bills and watch the service do all the dirty work for you.

Is Raccoon Poop Harmful?

Yes, raccoon droppings can be quite harmful because they contain roundworm eggs that can cause severe illness in humans. These eggs are small and light, and since they can become airborne, it is easy for people to inhale and become infected.

Another way they can infect humans is if they are ingested.

Raccoon poop also contains pathogens like salmonella and leptospirosis.

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Since kids and pets are more likely to ingest the droppings, you must dispose of them at first sight.

How To Handle Raccoon Poop On Your Deck?

Follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Protect Yourself

Cover your face with a mask or an N95-rated respirator, and wear disposable rubber gloves and booties over your shoes. You can also wear rubber boots.

2. Remove The Poop

If the area where the poop lays is covered with dust or sand, mist it lightly. This prevents the roundworm eggs that the poop contains from getting airborne.

Use a shovel or inverted plastic bag to remove the feces. You can bag it and then send it to a landfill, or you can bury or burn the bag.

Make sure you’re the only person handling the feces.

3. Disinfect The Area

boiling-waterPour hot boiling water on your porch to disinfect the area. You can also use detergent and a brush/sponge to scrub the area, rinsing it thoroughly with hot water.

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Also, disinfect the shovel you used and throw away the gloves, booties, and brush/sponge in a plastic bag.

Wash your clothes with hot water and detergent. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling the clothes, or take a steam bath.


If you think raccoons are harmless and cute, think twice. Not only are they a menace, but their poop also houses numerous dangerous pathogens capable of harming you, your family, and your pets.

Fortunately, a few simple steps can help stop raccoons from pooping on your deck.

Our thorough guide above lists those steps in an easy-to-follow manner.

How To Stop Raccoons From Pooping On My Deck

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