Mint cultivators love the plant thanks to its culinary value. From desserts, salads, and curries, to beverages, mint offers a chilly and subtly sweet sensation. 

But the herb is not all about taste. You can use its leaves to fill your house with a pleasant aroma. 

This article gives you an in-depth guide on using mint leaves as a sweet scent in your home. 

mint-herbWhy Use Mint Leaves For Smell? 

The plant has numerous benefits to your health— all while eliminating your dependence on synthetic sprays that may be allergic.

  • A natural repellent for bugs on the patio
  • A mood enhancer
  • A stress reducer and a mind relaxant

mint-plantUsing Mint Leaves For Scent/Smell 

Before you delve into producing mint-based scents, knowing the different mint types is key to providing you with the fragrance of your choice. 

Some of the popular types include:

  • Peppermint 
  • Ginger mint 
  • Apple mint 
  • Chocolate mint 
  • Lavender mint 
  • Grapefruit mint 
  • Chocolate mint
  • Pineapple mint 
  • Basil mint 
  • Water mint 
  • Spearmint 

Make your choice based on the fragrance you like. The mint type should also suit your growing region.

Now there are two ways to go about this. You can use fresh leaves for starters.

However, fresh mint leaves and their scent last for a short period. If you intend to keep the fragrance of your choice lasting longer, you should dry the leaves.


Let’s see what this entails in the section below. 

Steps To Drying Mint Leaves 

Mint leaves are aromatic, but there are steps you need to follow to prolong their potency. This way, you can enjoy their fragrance longer. 

mint-harvestStep 1: Harvesting

The best time to gather mint is when its oils are most potent. This is when buds are forming, but there are no blooms.

Gently pluck the leaf stems during cool early mornings after the dew has dried up. 

Step 2: Washing 

Wash and rinse the plant to remove soil matter or foreign substances, and dry them with paper towels. 

Use cold water to avoid tampering with essential oils because of hot or lukewarm water. 

Rest the plant for 30 minutes before patting and drying again. Once dried, tie the stems into a bundle using an elastic band. 

Step 3: Packing

mint-stemsPut the bundled branches (approximately 4-6) into a paper bag, making sure to invert them upside down, so the leaves are at the bottom.

This positioning makes the oil flow from the stems to the leaves. 

Step 4: Drying 

Your next step is to dry the mint leaves. Punch holes in the paper bag for air circulation and hang the bag in a well-ventilated area. 

You’ll notice the leaves falling off the stems as they dry. Luckily, the paper bag helps to contain them. 

Mint takes up to 2 weeks to dry, but the time could vary depending on the ambient humidity and temperature. High levels of moisture make the mint leaves quickly form molds. 

Step 5: Preservation 

Once the leaves are well dried, pluck them off the stems and place them in an airtight container in a cool and dark place. 

Using The Leaves For Fragrance

Now that your stock of dried mint leaves is ready use the following methods to make your home smell good.


1. Using Simmer Pots

Simmer pots also go by the name Stovetop potpourri. They are an excellent chemical-free alternative to scented candles and provide a sustained mild fragrance of your choice.

Another advantage is the added moisture for your indoor environment, particularly during winter.

Purchase a suitable pot online. Fill it halfway with water, add mint leaves, and boil the mixture. 

Now turn down the heat temperature and allow the liquid to simmer away. Keep adding water so that it never falls below the halfway mark. 

2. Using Cheesecloth

Crush the dried mint leaves in a herb grinder to release their scent. Place them in a piece of Cheesecloth, tie it up and hang it somewhere high.

3. Using Ice Cubes

Place some mint leaves in an empty ice tray. Fill it up with water and freeze it.

Place the ice cubes in a suitable bowl. As the ice melts, an incredibly soothing fragrance is released.

4. Using Small Sachets

You can crush and pack mint leaves in small sachets. Place them all around your house for a lasting fragrance.

They also double up as bug repellants.

5. As A Carpet Deodorizer

Mint is an excellent deodorizer and will quickly rid your carpet of its foul smell.

Mix crushed mint leaves and baking soda in a ratio of 4:1. Sprinkle the mixture over your carpet and leave for an hour.

Vacuum it up and enjoy the newfound freshness.

6. As A Spray 

You can combine mint with other fragrances and make your DIY air freshener. 

Bring three cups of water to a boil in a suitable vessel. Add some dried mint leaves, cinnamon sticks, and orange slices.

Cover the vessel and let the mixture cool completely. Transfer it to a spray bottle and use it when required.


mint-leavesMint is an excellent choice for aromatizing your home, given that many varieties exist. However, you would want to check which grows well in your area.

Once you have picked up a suitable one, follow the steps mentioned above in preparing mint leaves for use as a fragrance in your home. 

We hope your home starts smelling better forever.

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