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Will a Bearded Dragon Run Away?

“Will a Bearded Dragon Run Away?” This is a question I get asked one to two times a day from someone looking to buy a new pet, and it’s one I frequently deal with as well. Bearded dragons are beautiful creatures that make terrific pets, so I genuinely want to help people who are on the fence with their decision-making about owning one.

This article will look at the main reasons why bearded dragons try to run away and how to find it when it becomes lost in the house.

Will a Bearded Dragon Run Away? (6 Most Common Reasons Why)

Yes, a bearded dragon will run away depending on how they react to their living environment and having the open space to be able to run away. When a bearded dragon becomes scared or frightened it will try to run away or try to protect itself. Bearded dragons can also run away if they hear a loud noise or sound or if they feel too hot or cold. They may also try to run away if they are shaken from within their cages or if you touch them in a sensitive spot like their tails.

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Why Do Bearded Dragons Try to Run Away?

Most bearded dragons try to escape if they feel cornered or if you are standing too close to them.

It is not uncommon for a lizard to flee, even when you are trying not to scare them. You may find your lizard tiptoeing around you when you come near the cage. The reason they do this is that it appears less threatening than a full-on runaway.

The most common reasons that bearded dragons try to run away are:

  1. Too many people in the room
  2. Too many people near their cage
  3. Too much noise (television)
  4. Too much moving, shaking, and/or poking of their enclosure
  5. Fear of being touched or handled by a human
  6. Lack of proper shelter from the lights/heat or from underneath heavy objects. Too much heat or lack of adequate heat patterns. Improper humidity. Improper feeding habits.

How to Make Your Home More Habitable for Your Bearded Dragon

Try to understand that it’s very stressful for a bearded dragon to live in a household full of people. It is not their natural habitat, and it is much more complicated than a lizard would otherwise expect. Thankfully, there are some things that you can do to make your bearded dragon more comfortable:

  • Don’t allow visitors into the room if the cage is in there.
  • Keep your house tidy. If you have clutter, this will only cause stress for the lizard.
  •  Keep the temperature consistent.
  • Don’t overdo the noise.
  •  If you have visitors, keep them from bothering your bearded dragon.
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Do Bearded Dragons Try to Escape?

It certainly isn’t common for a bearded dragon to try to escape the house. However, it is not uncommon either.

Bearded dragons are diurnal and are active during the day. They can be seen following their human owners throughout the house.

 They may try to escape if they get frightened or nervous about their surroundings.

It’s important to keep an eye on your lizard at all times when you have them in reach of small objects that they could potentially chew on and swallow (such as wires).

Bearded dragons have a strong sense of smell. They may also try to escape from an owner who reeks of cigarette smoke, alcohol, or any other type of chemical that could be toxic to them.

Bearded dragons are social animals and want companionship in addition to their companions. It’s often difficult to deal with this issue as a new owner of a bearded dragon. They need lots of love and attention every day, but they may get overstimulated if they’re around too many people for too long at once.

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Bearded dragons are also prey animals and may try to escape from any sources of fear or danger. They are not meant to be handled roughly and may try to escape if they feel frightened by an over-enthusiastic child or adult. This can result in your bearded dragon’s accidental death.

Bearded dragons are very territorial animals. If they get frightened or nervous, they may try to escape in order to protect themselves.

Can I let my bearded dragon run around my house?

Never let your bearded dragon roam around your house or apartment without you. They are fast and can be very difficult to catch. If they get away from you, they could easily get lost or hurt themselves in a different room.

Get a clear tank or aquarium for your bearded dragon. You can find one that’s big enough for your bearded dragon and still allows them room to run around and explore.

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 Make sure there is a lid on the tank so that they can’t climb out if they become scared of something in the room. If they stay in the tank, they can also make a fun and exciting addition to your new reptile collection.

How do I find my escaped bearded dragon?

Your search for your escaped bearded dragon should involve a thorough investigation of your home and surrounding areas. This is the most crucial step of all in finding the lost beardie because if you don’t find it, there’s no way to stop it from getting away.

It’s important to scour the following areas around your house:

Where you sleep (including the attic if necessary). Your closet. Where you keep any food If you’re unsure where to begin, ask a family member or friend for help. Explain to them precisely what you’re looking for in case they see it. Re-arranging furniture can also be dangerous, so don’t do it unless it’s necessary.

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Once you’ve searched all the rooms in your home, it’s time to expand your search. Open up all the doors and drawers. Check under rugs and behind curtains and furniture. You may also want to check outside of your home – maybe it crawled under a bush or rock while trying to escape.

If you can’t find your bearded dragon after searching the area, call a professional lizard-hunting team. Make sure your only concern is finding the lizard before you call a specialist team or service, though.

Final Thoughts

A bearded dragon is a beautiful creature and should be treated as such. They are simple to take care of, but they do require a lot of attention. They also need some level of security.

So, when asking yourself, will a bearded dragon run away? Yes, bearded dragons will try to run away if they feel frightened or threatened by humans and their environments, so make sure you are taking the necessary steps to keep them happy, healthy, and safe. This way they won’t stray too far from you, and they’ll be more likely to make a smooth transition to your home.

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